Online rera registraion

Mostly State flout RERA deadline 31st July 2017

Online rera registraion

7 State even not notified RERA, Only 12 state established appellate authority in which only 8 state and UTs have the state-specific RERA website by July 31, 2017

RERA STATUS STATEWISEAs on 6th of December2017
  North Region State RERA Act Status Type of Available Service
1 North India Jammu & Kashmir NA N/A
2 North India Delhi Notified Not yet started
3 North India Punjab Notified Offline
4 North India Haryana Notified Offline
5 North India Chandigarh Notified not yet started
6 North India Uttaranchal Notified Offline
7 North India Uttar Pradesh Notified Online
8 North India Himachal Pradesh Notified Online
West Region State RERA Act Status Type of Available Service
9 West zone Goa in progress Not Notified
10 West zone Daman and Diu Notified Not yet started
11 West zone Dadra &Nagar Hewali Notified Not yet started
12 West zone Maharashtra Notified Online
13 West zone Gujarat Notified Online
14 West zone Rajasthan Notified Online
  Central  Region State RERA Act Status Type of Available Service
15 Central zone Chhattisgarh Notified not yet started
16 Central zone Madhya Pradesh Notified Online
East Region State RERA Act Status Type of Available Service
17 East Zone West Bengal in progress Not Notified
18 East Zone Bihar Notified Not yet started
19 East Zone Jharkhand Notified Not yet started
20 East Zone Andaman and nicobar Notified Online
21 East Zone Orissa Notified not yet started
North East Region State RERA Act Status Type of Available Service
22 North East Sikkim in progress Not Notified
23 North East Nagaland in progress Not Notified
24 North East Meghalaya in progress Not Notified
25 North East Manipur in progress Not Notified
26 North East Mizoram in progress Not Notified
27 North East Arunachal Pradesh in progress Not Notified
28 North East Assam Notified Not yet started
29 North East Tripura Notified Not yet started
  South Region State RERA Act Status Type of Available Service
30 South India Andhra Pradesh Notified Not yet started
31 South India Talangana Notified Not yet started
32 South India Pondicherry Notified Not yet started
33 South India Lakshadweep Notified Not yet started
34 South India Kerala Notified not yet started
35 South India Tamilnadu Notified Online
36 South India Karnataka Notified online


Even though all states were supposed to have notified their RERA rules by July 31, 2017, only 20 out of the existing 29 states have complied by this deadline. However, all seven Union Territories have notified them.

Here’s the status update: Out of 29 states and 7 union territories, only 20 states had notified the final rules of the real estate regulatory Act (RERA) while all seven UT’s had notified them. As per Our Search out of a total of 35 states and union territories (UTs) in the country, excluding Jammu & Kashmir, 27 states and UTs have already notified their respective RERA rules, according to a government release.

The central RERA became effective from May 1, 2017 and aims to cover not only the new real estate projects but also the on-going projects where the completion or the occupation certificate had not been received by the developer as on that date.

However, it allowed a period of three months to the promoters to get their ongoing projects registered with RERA i.e. until 31st July 2017. Going forward, every real estate project, new or ongoing project which is to be sold or advertised by the builder will necessarily have to carry the project registration.

Each state and UT were supposed to have their state rules notified, have the state regulatory authority (RA) and appellate authority established and also have the state-specific RERA website by July 31, 2017.